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Northern Tanzania is where iconic parks such as Serengeti & Ngorongoro crater can be found, alongside other popular parks like Tarangire, Lake Manyara Arusha & Mkomazi. Is also where Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru can be found. Itineraries usually start from Kilimanjaro international airport or Arusha national airport.

For information about parks & culture Please CLICK HERE!

2. how many days of safari are you planning?

A safari tour can easily fill 1-15 days tour, most popular are around 7 days, and itineraries that include the Serengeti cannot be less than 5 days. Desired trip length:

3. what is your prefered travel comfort?

That influenced by accommodation style and other extra services.

4. how many people will be travelling?

5. would you like to have a private safari or do you want to join group safari tour?

6. when are you planning your safari adventure for?

Approximate dates are perfectly fine, some changes are usually made due to wildlife migration movements all year round.

7. additional information that you would like to mention so that your safari personal planner should consider.

Can be related to food(vegetarian etc.), interests(cultural tourism etc.) or any other thing in mind, as our goal is to make the safari adventure perfect for you.

8. extend your tanzanian nature adventure by adding another experience:

Reaching the summit of Africa by climbing the Kilimanjaro, Balloon Safari in the Serengeti, Diving in Zanzibar or just relaxing by its dream beaches are some of the options you will be directed to once clicking on one of those options.

9. terms & conditions.


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